15 Free Colors
Date: Tuesday, July 15 @ 19:51:23 CDT
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Another CarryHot usa™ Advantage.

1. Color Sells…
Your pizza or caterer transporters are a walking image “bill board.” They can help to build employee pride and awareness that you deliver.

2. Free No extra cost for color…
not even for one transporter. Customer can have a signature combination, of up to 3 colors for a truly special “look”.

3. Color Saves Money:
Your transporter “loss factor” can be reduced by using signature color bags. It is not likely your signature custom colored bags will be used by a competitor.

4. Color is Safer:
Bright color-especially at night or whenever visibility is low, can help prevent accidents and even save lives. Different colors also help prevent cross contamination. Use yellow for poultry, red for meat, blue for fish, green for vegetables.

5. Color is Efficient:
Differentiate routes, classrooms, special diets; e.g. kosher, low salt, schools, breakfast.

15 TriGuard™ Stock Colors:
Red, Black, Yellow, White, Navy, Gray, Teal, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Aqua, Dayglo, Wine and Clear. All are tear proof, and can be sanitized in a commercial dish washer with a bleach water solution or any disinfectant.

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